I literally woke up one morning and without any debate started cutting slashes into these pants. It took me around two days to finish the project; mind you I could have had them done much faster I just got bored. These were, of course, inspired by the lovely Erin Wasson although I've seen a ton of similar pairs on other bloggers. I'm very happy with my rendition though, I think they turned out really well! Random thought- these would give you really strange tan lines if you wore them on a sunny day...
Just a tip for anyone interested in making themselves a pair- don't just cut in straight lines, try to cut in rectangular holes and make sure to vary the sizes, lengths etc. I figured that out after the first leg.
slashed skinnies- DIY'd, black shirt- Target, Indian neckscarf- from a little shop in LA, black patent pumps- JCPenny's, earrings- F21


Mary said...


syd vicious said...

So cool! :)

La Mode is Rad! said...

Fantastic skinnies!

Kay said...

You did a great job, they look really good on you!

Vans said...

Yh you know you did well=] Lol i KNOW THIS POST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR HAIR BUT I just noticed that you changed your hair!!! I like it, its like mahogany brown with a lighter brown, Lol YOUR GIVING ME IDEAS!! =D

Anonymous said...

Those things are epic! For a collaboration, I am looking for anything in the following:
-collaborative feauture(The magic doll+...... does top 10 fashion picks ect.)
-Collaborative blog
-Collaborative diy online store
-2 way edited interview
-Some kind of photoshoot.
If you ant to be involved in anything drop me a comment, although living in different parts of the world , some could be near impossible to negogiate!

Frock Around the Clock said...

These turned out so well! They look really cool - well done dear! Fun earrings too :) x

Rebecca said...

them jeans are really nice. and your watch!xxx

♥ fashion chalet said...

You know I'm a fan of your jeans, I love the drama that the scarf add to it. Marvelous, dear! :)


pigpoopi said...

omg omg omg. so so cool!
and thx for the comment x3

She's Dressing Up said...

Great DIY! Have you started shredding that cardigan yet?? =]

Alice said...

Brown hair is best.
It's a really flattering color on you.

Good job on the jeans!
I've been wanting to make some for soo long, but I never could find any relatively cheap, super skinny jeans to attack.


Mariƫlle said...

Man, this looks good on you!