Sinkin' Soon

So New York fashion week is upon us and it's warm there and cold here in California. Shouldn't it be the other way around?! The sweater I'm wearing today is one of two I recently acquired. I ended up DIYing them both and am very happy with the outcome. This one I just cut out the neck really wide and the other one I made into a skirt. Please excuse my weird hair in these photos, it was really windy.

Sweater, shoes- second-hand
Scarf- a gift
Pants- Ross
Shirt- Target
Title credit: "Sinkin' Soon" by Norah Jones


syd vicious said...

Cute! I admire you for looking great no matter the weather, haha!

Alecca Rox said...

diyyyyyy! i am so FOR diy! top's looking great on you and yes, the weather has gone officially mad:)

Marie said...

oh thanks yes my dad is a wonderful photographer.
I actually get the hot dog at a local hot dog place but they sell vegan hot dogs at publix that are good. yeah i am not a vegetarian, just no red meat, and i really don't want to be eating a roll of floor scraps and who knows what else..