So the outfit today was completely inspired by the Chanel s/s '09 collection. I'm not even the biggest fan of that collection actually (except for the shoes of course) but today I woke up wanting a pair of those two tone tights and an LBD. So this is my version of the Chanel look. I guess maybe I'm a Chanel girl after all!

My inspiration:
Shirt- Target
Skirt, tights- second-hand
Scarf- craft store
Shoes- JCPenny's


Dean said...

heyy, no I'm in seventh grade. I just had had a long (four-day) weekend and tuesday was a rough first day back.
oh, and I don't know if I already wrote this, but your profile picture makes me happy, especially the eyebrows.

Mary said...

wait sorry, I didn't realize I was writing from a different account, that was me in the first comment

Mary said...

and they're eyelash extensions it looks like. umm, sorry again

Frock Around the Clock said...

Lovely as usual! I like the two tone tights but I have fallen out with Chanel a bit because when I went to put my shoes on this morning I noticed that half the heel has fallen off!! How did that happen?! I expected a £300 pair of shoes to be a bit more sturdy!
Anyway... I am liking your skirt - cute! :) x

She's Dressing Up said...

Lovely =]