Be Mine, Valentine!

Happy Valentine's day to all of you! I hope you all have a very special day! I sure am! Here are some romantic movie suggestions for anyone without plans: "Moulin Rouge," "The Notebook," "Dirty Dancing" (the old one with Patrick Swayze), and "Love Actually" (which is really a christmas movie but is good enough to watch all rear round). Ok hugs, kisses and candy hearts!

Dress- made for me by my mother
Fish-nets- Target
Shoes- JCPenny's
Belt- Ross
Necklace- Express


frankie-lou and tallulah said...

cute dress... and Love Actually is the best!!

Theresa said...

your dress is lovely, i like the shoulders

Frock Around the Clock said...

I love the dress! I'm impressed your mother made it for you! It's a great shape. Love actually is just wonderful! Hope you had a great v-day weekend! :)

Sarah-Lou said...

I wish my mother could sew, too! You look like a retro lady, it's beautiful!

Frock Around the Clock said...

You should definately invest - get one that is in good condition and it'll last you forever :).

I've never been opposed to wearing fur because my mum has had a fur coat since forever but the views of some of my friends have stopped me wearing it in the past. I read an interesting article recently that was pro fur and that encouraged me to wear it. Find some pro fur articles and you'll go straight to town and buy yourself a coat guarenteed! If I come across the one I read I'll post you the link :) x

Chester said...

Thanks for the lovely comment!

Japanese is somewhat hard I do admit but it is a lot of fun!

Happy V day!

I love your outfit.

Rebecca said...

the notebook and loev actually are the perfect films, love actually has to be one of the all time best films, hugh grant is amazing, i love the dress xxxx

syd vicious said...

Wow, you're mom did an amazing job on the dress!