New York favorites

As promised here are my top six collections from the New York f/w '09 fashion week. These were pretty much the only collections I really liked this week. Yeah, sure there were some good looks on runways like Ruffian, Alexander Wang, Zac Posen etc. but they didn't really inspire me. Of course there will always be those timeless designers who will always deliver a nice, chic, beautiful collection like Vera Wang or Oscar De La Renta but those never get my heart racing with excitement! So here are some of my favorite exciting looks for fall. 
Rodarte can never go wrong. This collection was by far my favorite from New York! The Mulleavy sisters always have some definite inspiration for each collection and this time it was Frankenstein and the deconstruction and reconstruction of homes. I am always blown away by what they create and this whole runway was superb! And check out those awesome boots!
Calvin Klein has always been on my list of great designers but it wasn't until this week that it really became one of my favorites. Fransisco Costa is the master of architectural simplicity and minimalism. Every piece from start to finish was breathtaking. I loved the way he used texture, it made each item stand out while still creating a look that blended together perfectly.
Erin Fethersten is always a little different from the rest of New York fashion week. Her fall collection was inspired by toy soldiers from The Nutcracker and I think that really came across in her designs. There were also a few pants and some lovely jackets which came down the runway but my favorites were the charming dresses. And I would die to have a pair of those shoes!
I'm not really sure how to explain Proenza Schouler's latest collection. I don't know what their inspiration was but whatever they had in mind it turned out perfectly. I loved every bit of it! Each item on the runway looked very beautiful, wearable, and recession-proof which was a smart move on Jack and Lazaro's part. And the shoes were made from persian rugs!
Marc Jacobs will always have a place in my heart. Every season he delivers something new and different and amazing. I don't know how he does it! This season his collection looks like Madonna in the 80's, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and all those famous icons from a couple decades ago. I would love to go to one of his shows!
Lastly we have Preen. With their crayola colored body-con dress, multi-layer fur coat, and leather trousers it's hard not to overlook this collection as a serious style contender. The biggest thing they had on the runway this season were multiple styles of cut-out body-con dresses. But there were also some jackets, a few furs, and even a couple not so skin-tight dresses (see upper left hand corner)

So that's it for New York. I can't wait to see collections from my real favorites! I am dying to see the big legends! Mmmm, I'm already dreaming of Balenciaga....

Ps- sorry about the inconsistent posting schedule lately. My computer is being very annoying lately and it is increasingly hard to post pictures. But I will be getting it fixed soon so it should only be odd for a little while longer. Yay!

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