Bohemian Rhapsody

I stopped by the mall today to buy new work shirts and went into Forever 21 while I was there and picked up these two lovely pieces, the dress and watch -which actually doesn't work but I love it. I tried on this dress last time I was in the store and liked it but didn't buy it so today when I went in I just picked it up on impulse. Anyway, we've got Summer weather here for a few days so I decided to live it up!

Dress, watch- Forever 21, Tube top- American Apparel, Shoes- second-hand
This watch reminds me of Kate Laphear and I have decided that I need to start a collection of jewelry like this. I am trying to convince my older brother (who used to be kinda goth) to give me some of his old cuffs and bracelets with leather and studs. Yay! We'll see what happens. Oh- and I made this headband out of grass!

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syd vicious said...

Wow, you made that out of grass!? Looks cool and I adore the watch!