I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was kind of lame because I have been sick and I lost my voice  =(  but I am looking forward to a very productive week ahead! I have my high school exit exam in a few weeks so I have been preparing for that which has kept me very busy with homework. Oh by the way, there's a question I've been meaning to ask you all. What do you think is more important in your wardrobe, quality or quantity? Just out of curiosty!

Shirt- craft store, Jeans- Old Navy DIY'd, Scarf- Wet Seal, Belt, shoes- second-hand


syd vicious said...

I think quality is always more important. I love your shoes!

Rebecca said...

id disagree with the other comment i would say quantity, because i always get nice exspensive things and run out of things to were, i dont like wearing things more than once. so you kind of need a mix between the two.
good picture,xxkeep up the revisionx

astruc said...

Quality, every time. Send me your sizes, including shoes.