moody coastal moments

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There isn't much to do in Palos Verdes, especially if you don't live there. They aren't known for their endless restaurants, they don't have any great boutiques, there aren't any places to see a concert or a show, but the best show in town is the beach. Jason and I love the Palos Verdes coastline so much that we got married there!! The amount of trails in the area is practically endless and you can visit lots of cute tidepools and hidden surf spots along the way.

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One of the easiest places to get to the water is from Terranea, a local resort that caters to Angelinos wanting a getaway close to home. They have some good restaurants and an amazing spa on the grounds, and on summer weekends they host live bands by the cliff, so the vibe is really fin and chill. I would recommend getting a reservation at Nelson's around sunset (trust me on the reservation part!) with a table on the patio and trying the delicious pretzels or lobster rolls they make.
I wore a Zara dress, American Apparel belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, a necklace I made, Earrings from Asos, Throwin' Shade sunnies from Urban Outfitters, and a pair of sandals I found by chance when mine broke by Vera Wang for Kohls.

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