[late night coffee stop on HWY 99]

DSC07440 DSC07441
Lately I've been feeling slightly (read: totally) over-whelmed by the reality of everyday life. I work 5 days a week and go to school 3 days a week while planning a wedding, applying for a new job, trying to get accepted into one of the country's top art schools, & preparing to move 400 miles away. This is as close as it gets to normality for me and it is very tiring. Balance is incredibly hard to achieve. 
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Juices for breakfast and/or dinner have been super helpful in keeping my energy up. I've been experimenting with recipes for fruit and veggie juices that keep you satisfied. I'm also trying to stay active (something I love but must work hard to make time for) and have been going for runs by the river lately which I'm very proud of! And of course there's the impromptu adventure... like when these pictures were taken in the middle of the night on a roadtrip from Sacramento to Los Angeles for 36 hours before I had to fly back for school. Things like that revive and inspire me like nothing else!
wearing a t-shirt dress I got at Loemann's (RIP), a basic cardigan from Target, H&M wedges, Urban Outfitters flower crown, some vintage jewelry, a men's gold Seiko watch, and my own logo tote bag.

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