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I visited Jason for a week and a half over the new year- a much needed vacation as semester finals and crazy retail holiday work life gave me no time off since the end of October. Just about every time we see each other we always try to stop by a gallery or museum so this recent trip ended with a day at the LACMA. There is so much to see and they always have new and interesting exhibits (currently "The Journey of a Dress" about Diane Von Furstenburg's iconic wrap dress!!!) it's become one of my favorite museums for sure. Plus who doesn't love the huge row of food trucks across the street from the (newly)iconic Urban Lights?!
wearing some H&M holographic wedges, American Apparel tights, a Forever 21 painter dress (I guess I was feeling artistically inspired), and my own Niv Elliot logo tote bag
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Random question here: are you interested at all in hearing about wedding planning progress and inspiration? I have plenty to share I'm just not sure if it would be out of place... let me know!
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