[windblown on the Palos Verdes cliffs]

I take a trip down to L.A. almost every season lately (especially now, after this happened) And one of my favorite places to come back to is Palos Verdes. It's the quiet, cliffside peninsula between Manhattan Beach and Long Beach - if you've never heard of it though, that's probably because people who live there like to keep it a secret. The rolling hills, quiet roads, and freaking HORSE PATHS next to the sidewalks are totally unique from the rest of Los Angeles but still close enough to get to a freeway in under 10 minutes. It's magical when you can see all of the city lights from the hilltops or when you get a clear view of Catalina on a cloudless day.
DSC08988 DSC08986DSC08984 
I've been really into pairing pastels with other pastels lately (more on that later) so when I found this Wildfox skirt in the spring I knew it would be perfect with my pale mint tee from H&M I got last summer. I wore them together on the short plane ride from hot and sunny Sacramento, expecting the weather in SoCal would feel pretty much the same. Not true! So the first thing I did after getting off the plane (besides eating at one of my all time favorite restaurants) was find the closest Buffalo Exchange and get this beautiful Guess jacket and perfectly pale gray tights. I'm also wearing Urban Outfitters shoes, a scarf from Target, and a selection of vintage and handmade jewelry.

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