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I wore this to go wander through isles of music at Dimple Records after a late brunch at one of my favorite spots in town, Tower Cafe, just across the street. 
Side note: if you're in Sacramento, Tower is a great place to hang out at any time of they day; they have a beautiful patio garden, an excellent brunch menu, and some of the best desserts I've had.
 I've been collecting records for a few years now but only got a record player just this christmas as a gift. I put on my favorite tunes during quiet afternoons at home, while I'm working on something creative, in the evening with dinner after a long day, when I need inspiration for a new project, and generally when I'm feeling nostalgic.
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I know Autumn has quite literally just begun but I am super eager to dig back into my cool-weather wardrobe already! This outfit maybe jumped the gun a little bit as it's not actually very cold yet and we had our first rain of the season just this afternoon, but all of this gray and pink-ness was exactly what my general mood called for. The print-mixing was unintentional, I was mainly just putting together the various items of sleepy colored clothing I have in my closet but this H&M top from the men's section layered perfectly with my Urban Outfitters dress (worn as a skirt) and my favorite Asos tall socks and Urban Outfitters flatforms. Lastly, I thought I should point out how much this outfit reminds me of a winter version of Liv Tyler in "Empire Records" (unplanned, I promise).
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On a very serious note, someone anonymous managed to get access to some of my private information online (this still baffles me) and in a moment of shock/terror/vulnerability I scrambled all of the codes to my old photobucket pictures (among other things), not realizing how that would effect what could be seen on my old blog posts as well. So now, unless I go through each post and re-enter the codes (which I might do over the course of time), the photos in my old posts cannot be seen. I apologize and if any of you know any way to reverse this please pass that info along!

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Anonymous said...

I love this. The colors for your backdrop are perfect for a plain look. And the pop of color in the shoes is great!