[summer abroad]

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I am literally heading to LAX in half an hour for a 20 hour flight to Greece where I will be staying for the next few weeks. I thought, however, that I should post on this sad little blog of mine to inform anyone that still reads this of why I have made such an exodus. As you have probably noticed, the regularity of my posts has slowed down quite a bit lately, mostly due to the fact that this school semester has been incredibly hectic and I am feeling increasingly that I cannot keep up with regular posting. But I have found that the less I post, the more I want to post! Blogging has been a part of my regular routine for years now and It feels weird to not update this blog on my many adventures! So this post here is to inform you that I deeply hope to keep up on posts more regularly starting in August. 
This outfit is from the goddess Catherine Malandrino that I got from Rent The Runway for my cousin's wedding last month. It was sublime to wear on this gorgeous memorial day evening in the country. If you've never tried the RTR site, it's a busy fashionista's dream.
Ok my dears, see you in August! Follow #nivgoestogreece on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, & Vine (search 'nivelliot') to follow my adventures!!
xx -Niv