[one grey Santa Cruz day]

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I spent a few days in Santa Cruz to relax and enjoy the surprisingly pleasant weather with a few great people. The UCSC Arboretum made for a beautiful afternoon of wandering and exploring. I liked this one because it didn't come across like a lanscaped garden or park area - everything looked wild and natural!
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Anyone remember my last blog header with a picture in the field? This where it was taken. Random fact. I don't get a chance to wear this skirt very often. It is too light and breezy to make sense in the city with the bustle of my daily life, but right here, on the beach, it just makes sense. Funny thing is that I originally bought ir for my trip to NY last winter! Did I wear it? NOPE.
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Niv Elliot bag // American Apparel top // Old Navy skirt // Anthropologie cardigan // random hat from Loehmann's (where I work) // gifted necklace // MIA sandals