Target tee and pants//vintage belt and bag//Sam & Libby polka-dot heels//gifted scarf//ASOS shades
Every time I walk into Target I find something I love. Today I stopped by to get some new work-out clothes and found myself perusing the racks with an armful of clothing! Something similar happened a few weeks ago and each time I have come away with something great. I now have these pants in both Olive and Khaki and if they made them in any other colors I would probably get those too. I have never been 'against' wearing pants, I've just found skirts to be generally more flattering and comfortably fitting. This pair fit both criteria. Love!
Oh also, this shirt is a shout out to my sister who not only lives in Brooklyn, but was born in 1978. I love Target!
Leaving at 7am for an 8 day backpacking trip to Mt. Whitney. I should probably get some sleep… love you all!


Marella said...

Cuuuute outfit and great blog!
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She's Dressing Up said...

Love this outfit :)!

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