sparkle and fade

Zac Posen for Target knit dress//Michael Kors platform wedges//vintage accesories//Urban Outfitters headband
This weekend my entire family is in town for my brother's wedding. Everyone is in town and I've been having such a great time!! My wardrobe for the weekend is obviously pretty important to me! This is part 1: the rehearsal dinner.
I'm in love with the almost athletic looking mesh knit at the bottom and sleeve ruffle. Also, you can't see it too well, but, the pattern in which each piece is stitched on is really fascinating how it crisscrosses in the front with the center seam. It's little design details like these that really separate the cheaper, low-street buys from more upscale clothing. I definitely appreciate places like Target for bringing us mortals true craftsmanship and design with their collaborations!! Well done!

ps- back to black! I wanted something more naturally 'me' than blonde.

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Carmella said...

Love this dress with the gold accents. I wish I could've seen the wedges more but they're Michael Kors so I'm sure they're gorgeous :)