every night the ghosts appear is it time or is it me

I made this dress for our Army themed Christmas Eve dinner last year. I can't remember how and why we started theme-ing our dinners a couple years ago but for some reason we did, and it's been kind of a fun and unique thing! This particular one was Army inspired because my brother was spending his holidays on duty in Iraq. Its pretty awesome that about 2 months later they showed the autumn collections and one of the most striking themes through all the designers was military!
The pattern for the dress was easy; I took a dress I already have that was pretty much the look I wanted to use and traced the shape onto this fabric. I lengthened the hem-line by about a foot - I'm actually wearing it a little higher, it can go below the knee. See the original look in this post. I also made the epaulets from a shoe strap and some rope.
self-made dress//BCBG platforms//Urban Outfitters bag//ramdom belt

I was tagged my Mekinking to post a few of my favorite things, so, in no order what-so-ever, here goes:
  1. Mangos - I love a little mango in anything! My favorite is mango sorbet.
  2. Platform heels. I know the whole kitten heel thing is big trend right now, but honestly platforms are actually way more comfortable for me, and I feel like I look better in them.
  3. My room!!!! Need I say more?
  4. Music. Currently in the mix is Dan Black, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Katy Perry, Paolo Nutini, The Doors, and CocoRosie.
  5. My vintage bike. I've done some minor fix-up jobs to make it really work for city riding and I love it!
  6. Greenland. The name Niviarsiaq is actually Greenlandic. It means 'the young woman' and is also the name of their national flower. Never been there but I can't wait to go someday-it's so fascinating! (by the way, to anyone who ever wondered, it's pronounced: nee-vee-R-see-ack)
  7. Awesome hair. My really dumb job has prevented me from doing crazy things with my hair which makes me especially jealous admire people who do have great hair. Be it colorful, super short, rad styling, or basically almost anything cooler than mine.
  8. Looklet and Polyvore. The best places to waste time.
  9. NYC. I've SO been wanting to go back there and just hang out for like a month at least. From what I've heard, seen, and remember from when I was probably 11 is pretty surreal.
  10. Chai tea.
what are your favorite things?


Carmella said...

Love this! Its amazing that you made your dress, it looks incredible. I'm still working on skirts LOL. Platforms are probably the most comfortable way to wear heels, aside from wedges, so I feel you on that. Love your blog!


Violet said...

i love just about everything on that list too espeacially heels and mangos(i recently just started liking mangos over the past year i hated them before lol)

i love the green with you hair and your skin tone its a pretty dress on you

Vi from Cali

SomedayNewYorker said...

I love everything about your hair. Everything. You had enough balls to bleach your hair.

By the way. I miss New York too right now. If you are every going to move there hit me up if you need a roomie. Im moving back within the year.

Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing dress!

Frock Around the Clock said...

Aarrgghhh you are so talented! This looks incredible! That is such a good idea to theme your dinners - my family are far too boring for that! And as for mangos, I love everything that they are involved in, but for some reason just fresh mango doesn't do it for me! Maybe I've just picked a couple of bad ones! :) x