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F21 romper//GAP scarf//random belt I've had forever
Goodbye to the height of summer! I am ready for autumn but I will for sure miss you this winter. Celebrated by randomly hanging out on the roof in my favorite romper. I bought this in the beginning of summer and honestly can't believe This is the first time I've posted it; I wear it all the time! Please excuse the gigantic scar on my leg (in ph. three). I went camping and a little girl bet me I couldn't pick up this giant log and of course I went for it! All was well until I decided to roll it over a bump and it went the wrong way and I subsequently had a tree branch jam into my leg. It was bloody. I'm really happy though cause it's gotten a lot better.
Who's watching the NYFW shows this season? I'm definitely trying to keep up... these last few seasons I've been really out of it so I'm ready to tune in again. So far I'm excited mainly by the exaggerated utilitarian-chic look at Rag & Bone, and some of the masculine/feminine things at Jason Wu. You?
Ok, well, I gotta be off to bed as I have an early 'yoga in the park' session tomorrow.


Frock Around the Clock said...

Lol! I wonder what your neighbours think about you chillin' on the roof?! My mum actually has a really similar playsuit that she used to wear in the 80s - I'll try and dig it out some time.

I also have the most scarred legs in history at the moment - some from skiing injuries and some from nasty mosquito bites. I've had to wear fake tan all summer to try and reduce their appearance... I'm just so high maintenance haha..

Very glad you got the cycling shorts - I might have to try a pair on! Have fun at yoga :) x

Zarna said...

i love that romper! i've been following fashion week too (even though youre right - theres a lot to keep up with!)!


Mekinking said...

hey, that's an amazing photoshoot! love it! and you look just perfect!

Carolyn said...

That is so cool on the roof! I don't know how you do it but your outfits and the background always look so nicely composed together.

Ashley said...

Gorgeous dress!

hiven said...

so in love with your hair and the location

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you look super gorgeous in this romper! i really love the confidence you exude...

♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

Violet said...

im so dissapointed that you waited so long to let us see this romper you look great and the photos are very cool. im loving the long skirts and sweaters that ive been seeing on the runways

Vi from Cali