As my Twitter followers know, I've been looking for a black or dark gray, jersey maxi dress, preferably with a racer-back (apparently I'm picky). My idea is that I want something simple enough for layering in the winter, and light enough material I can wear it during summer. Also, I need something that will be relatively easy to wear a bra with. A few of my readers were really helpful in giving me tips on where to look (thanks girls)! Below are my favorites but I need your help deciding which one is the best!

clockwise from top left- Vince, Splendid, Asos, Erin Kleinberg
Vince- I really like the wide racer-back but I wish there was a little more flowy-ness to the skirt.
Splendid- Over all this is probably my favorite but the fact that there is very little coverage in the back could easily become annoying.
Asos- This has a waistline I love and good straps but it's not exactly what I had in mind; It is, however, the cheapest option of the bunch.
Erin Kleinberg- This obviously has the most detail and it's the most expensive so I'm less inclined to get it. The redeeming factors are that I think the shilouette would look great on me and it has the best coverage of them all.

So the question is, which would I look good in while best matching my stipulations and not breaking the bank?....
Or should I make my own?


SarahAnn said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog today! Whenever I'm having trouble matching something I want to my body, I always go with making it. That's why I'm working on my own pair of sailor shorts!


ms Givens said...

I like the one from ASOS the best.
Seen some cute ones at Ross, but my daughter made a face when I told her I wanted one so I bought one when she wasnt with me.

Frock Around the Clock said...

Allo! It feels like forever since I've been on your blog - forgive me I have been away. I love the casual maxi dress trend at the moment, sadly I don't know where to suggest to find the perfect one! Hope you are well and good luck with the hunt! :) x