paper airplanes

vintage DIY'd skirt, scarf, and jewelry. Target tights and bag. AA top, Steve Madden platforms. DIY'd belt
I was telling my mom about a woman with a really beautiful vintage scarf on her head and how much I wished I had something just like it. Five minutes later she came into the room with two of her old scarves and told me I could borrow them for a while. Thank you Mom for being so awesome! This scarf is so beautiful!! It's exactly the colors and style I love; I want to wear it every single day but I know it will wear out really fast if I do that. I really wanted it to stand out so I paired it with this really simple outfit with accessories used only to compliment the scarf. You probably don't remember this lime green skirt I posted last summer, but I decided lime green was a little too difficult to wear so I bathed it in some bleach and voila! Way more wearable!
Ps- any book or magazine that tells you messenger bags only look good on flat chested people is lying to you.


Alecca Rox said...

your mum is a star!
i think all mums have hidden treasures somewhere;) though not my cup of tea, couldn't agree more with you on messenger bags.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Loving the headscarf.