• As you may have noticed in the last few posts, I got my hair freshly cut and dyed. It was almost entirely inspired by the fantastic Joan Jett albeit a little less blatantly 80's. It's by far my favorite hair in a while and I intend to keep it like this for bit.
  • I'm so excited for summer and can't wait until it gets warm enough outside to hang out by the pool and work on my non-existent tan in my new swimsuit. There's an entire file on the computer with pictures of breezy dresses, straw hats, and cute rompers I want to fill my too small closet with. Sadly when I actually tried going out bare-legged I was consequently attacked by a tribe of evil mosquitos.
  • Check out this blog, it will put a smile on your face I promise!
  • This is my personal best dressed list from The Oscars. They all managed to look chic and fun at the same time. Who did you love?


Shanean said...

I really liked Rachel McAdams outfit..wait, I think that's her name..the chick from Notebook..yeah..haha! But I really loved her dress..really pretty! I like Zoe Saldana's dress but I didn't like the fact she wore purple shoes with a purple dress..remind me of the prom!! Despite that her dress was pretty!

Dylana said...

Gosh, I LOVE your dark hair so much! You look beautiful!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

YOUR NEW HAIR IS FAB!! can't emphasis that enough haha! and that top is just so preettyy :)