all i need is all i got

vintage peasant top, express black cut-offs, target tights, Thai scarf and bag, DIY'd BeBe platforms
One of my friends recently visited Thailand and sent me some awesome swag including this bag and a pair of cropped pants (thanks Leah!!) which I've been ecstatic to wear! My mom had this scarf (also from Thailand) which she was reminded of as soon as she saw the colors on this bag. I'm so glad she remembered it because it is so perfectly oversized and richly colored it completes any simple outfit such as this. When I get really uninspired to wear anything at all I usually stick to the same recipe of some loose top, tiny shorts or skirt, and tights; the accesorization (not sure if that's a real word...) gets piled on or not according on my mood.
On a whole nother train of thought, guess who I'm seeing in concert tonight!!


Frock Around the Clock said...

Wow hope you had an amazing time at the concert! That bag is beautiful - what a lovely friend you have and I would definately recommend visiting Switzerland if you ever get the opportunity - it is such a lovely country! :) x

Alecca Rox said...

I'd be ecstatic too with a bag and a scarf like this! Lucky you and lucky you x 2 for getting to see Bon Jovi perform live!

syd vicious said...

Bon Jovi concert, sweet! I love your accessories!