The weekend chronicles

Wearing Target dress and tights, Indian scarf from a little shop in LA, Steve Madden booties

Just some pictures playing around with shilouette. I love how it's all dark but the blue sky.

Wearing F21 dress and cropped jacket, DIY'd shoes (I'll do a more thorough post on these soon)
  • This was a busy weekend for me and I really meant to post and return comments but obviously that didn't work out. Sorry!
  • My sister came to visit from New York and it was like a party all weekend long!! It usually is when siblings are in town though.
  • I  didn't watch New Moon *gasp* I must have been the only person in the world who didn't! But we did watch Where The Wild Things Are (still processing that one, unsure what to make of it) and snuck into A Christmas Carol in 3D but walked out because it made me dizzy; then we watched a little of This Is It. Oh, and I finally saw Star Trek! It wasn't bad, I actually kind of liked it.
  • I can't wait to go down to my cousin's house in So-Cal for Thanksgiving!! I'm making sweet potatoes and corn pudding. Mmm, yummy!
  • Had this song stuck in my head ever since I woke up this morning and I have no clue why! This brings me back to my awkward years when I went roller skating 3 times a week :)


Goodle. said...

Wow! Gorgeous maxi dress! Red lipstick suits you too :)
I haven't seen the 'New Moon' movie either. I don't think i ever will!Haha.
Sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be a sweet day for you :)

Goodle x

Ashley said...

You look great! Love the belted black minidress.

Violet said...

you look so whimsical

Vi from Cali

Mars Saxman said...

Nice jacket - the bold collar makes it.