Livin on a prayer

Well, now that I have approximately five days worth of pictures to post, the computer is slightly workable again! Awesome.
This is my new go-to outfit. I get a new one of these like every other month. I'm really into this shirt, it's unique and goes with a ton of stuff!
My sister, who rocks at making jewelry, made me this necklace which I've literally worn every day for the past, what, 4 days now? I think we were made for each other- horseshoes and me. I actually found it on the side of the trail on my trip this summer and fell in love with it so much I carried the extra 1 pound weight of it for the entire last week. Like I said, we were made for each other!
I have an interview tomorrow I'm so nervous about!!! Going shopping in the morning for something new to wear :) Exciting!
Ok, gotta go! I'm watching this right now.
Wearing UO Silence+Noise skull tank, second-hand skirt, Charlotte Russe studded heels, DIY'd bag, and horseshoe necklace


The Fabulous Girl said...

wow cute top. love the graphic on it. i also love your little skirt. dynamite outfit.

syd vicious said...

This outfit is so rocker, I love it!!

I think I was subconsciously influenced by that picture of Pat Benatar by the way, haha! She's awesome.

Jowy said...


One Love,