Because I'm addicted...

Ok, since my computer is stupid and I can't upload pictures for the life of me, I'll just post some of the stuff that's been clogging up my inspiration folder for the past like- year. I can't remember where most of this came from especially because where I found it was probably not where it actually came from. That probably makes no sense at all so I'll rephrase that: It's likely that most of the pictures I found on various blogs where probably found on other blogs so the blog I found it on was probably not the original one to post it. Wow, I think I'm confusing myself now! The point is, I'm not posting links. Phew! Got that over with! I blame it all on algebra and sleep deprivation, the latter being due to all the heat we've been experiencing lately. Question: do you think if I dress like its fall already the fall might actually come? Yeah, I suppose you're right; autumn will come eventually and I should enjoy summer while it lasts.
Warning: you are about to embark upon an extremely picture heavy post! Just an fyi.

Who would not want blue hair like this?

Ok, how much does her bustier (so 80's!) Remind you of the famous Erin Wasson one?!

Ideas anyone on where I can find a colorful feather headdress like Mischa's? I'm in love.

Francisco Costa is a genius. nuff said.

Ali McGraw- some actress from like the 60's or 70's I don't know much about, but this picture is just so amazing.

Random. But I love it!

Another random picture, what can I say? I find inspiration in the strangest things!

Loved this editorial since the day I saw it, and now, ages later, it's circling the blogsphere!

Edie Sedgewick wins for the best accessories ever.


Etrapar said...

really nice photos...and last one it's perfect ^.^

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

wow, great photos :D!! the blue hair one has me lost for words, it's so perfect , and so are the ones of edie sedgewick !!!

Anonymous said...

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!