Sherlock Holmes

I wore this to our annual autumn tea party. It's actually only the third year in a row we've done this and it's really nothing special, just the siblings who live nearby and lots of delicious food. But, of course, any opportunity to celebrate is more than welcome! What can I say? We've got a lot of English in us- we like tea!
I got this hat a while back and only wore it a couple times. So, I passed it on to my sister who, in turn, never wore it! After holding on to it for a while, it finally made its way back round to me again. I find this all a little amusing as I've just been thinking in the last few days that I really need to find a new one of these when my lovely old one plopped right back into my lap!
Got bored of wearing this bag the way it was supposed to be worn so I attached the strap from another bag. The 'leathers' are a little different, one is more matte than the other, but I don't think it's bad enough to really worry about it. And now I can now enjoy the luxury of wearing cross-body, which is a definite plus!
I'm wearing Target shirt, Anthropologie watercolor skirt, second-hand army wedges, F21 bag with Target strap, vintage fedora

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Etrapar said...

but were are your glasses darling? ^.^