Happy July 4th everyone! (well, at least to all my readers from the US)
I kind of did a preliminary pair of star shorts but they didn't work out right so probably I'll try a new pair when I get back. For now I just found a white, fabric paint Sharpie and stencled in the stars. I also added a dark blue outline for some extra drama. Works for me!
Wearing DIY'd vintage Levi's shorts, vintage striped top, random white tee, second-hand wedges, and a floppy straw hat from a Downtown Disney tourist shop
I also have a picture of the furry leggings actually lit up! It turned out a little blurry because I had to leave the flash off but I'm sure you get the idea-


Alice said...


and the red lipstick is from Sephora... it came in a giant thing of like 1000000000 colors of eyeshadow and lipstick and blush etc., so I don't know what it's name is, which makes me sad because it is THE BEST color. And yeah it's matte.


daniB said...

yay! you did the shorts....i'm so glad you did them(:
they turned out good! i especially like the few
stars on the back of the shorts(:

not to mention...the first and last photos are

& i love the furry leggings lit up! patriotic.


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

whoa those shorts are adorable and funky how those leggings glow :)

p.s. we passed you an award <3

Bubbly Thing said...

Patriotic outfit rocks , u look like an adorable vintage pin up !

Frock Around the Clock said...

They remind me of a pair of jeans I had when I was younger - they are fantastic.. You should open some sort of shop! I want to have a day free to do fun DIYs but work is stopping me. The leggings look so cool lit up too! Glow sticks are the best :) x

K8 said...

Those shorts are crazy!!! I love them! Great patriotic outfit!

syd vicious said...


Mariƫlle said...

You are too fabulous for your own good. Period.