Papa Was a Rolling Stone

I always love wearing this thing! Though with something as crazy as a kimono you really have to be careful what you wear with it. I attempted to make it look a little more casual by piaring it with a simple tee and some denim shorts -which I really need more of! I'm also currently looking for vintage (or at least vintage looking) band tees. Anyone know of a good place to buy them? I can't seem to find many at the thrift store.
Poker was fun. I didn't win but I didn't really loose either; I was second best most of the time :)
Man, this year is flying right on by...
Wearing a kimono from Chinatown SF, random white tee, DIY'd cut-offs from Old Navy, second-hand cork wedges
edit- I just got my Martian Wear for Hot Topic leggings and I love them!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

wow. that is such a cool kimono

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

awesome use of that kimono!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

also happy you liked the pictures! he's a great photapgrapher

Ellie said...

Love the kimono. It's funny that Papa was a rolling stone is your title today. I was playing music bingo at a pub tonight and that was the song that won my friend a freezable mug!

Frock Around the Clock said...

I love how this looks with casual items! The wedges are very pretty and I'm so excited to see what you pair with the leggings!! As for the lipstick, I'd forgotten about it to be honest! I'll dig it out and try and make it work some how soon! Thanks for reminding me :) x

Monika said...

I'm waiting to see the leggins:)!!!

visit me at :) I'm waiting;)!

daniB said...

isn't the year flying by? way too fast!
we're already half way done.

i love this outfit!
the kimono adds a nice touch(:
beautiful as always!