Black & White

Random basic outfit for a random basic day. I tend to just throw this sort of thing on and not think very much about it.
I spent most of the afternoon switching between making a cake and drawing on a scarf. I hope I can get some good pictures of the scarf becuase I'm very proud of it! There's all sorts of random things I drew on it like a tree, some butterflies, the Obama symbol, a rainbow, flowers, a love bus etc. It began as just a plain, white peice of fabric but with all the colors and patterns now it actually looks cool!
Oh by the way happy first day of June! I celebrated by playing poker :) This is gonna be a crazy month...
Wearing Urban Outfitters skull shirt, vintage men's blazer, JCPenny's jeans, and Steve Madden heels
Ps- my mom took the pictures today for the first time, thanks Mom!


Alecca Rox said...

b&w pics are so atmospheric... Mum's got skill:) happy June! did u win at poker?

sharnae' said...

Hey, I love your blog & style.
I wish I could were heels like you but, I don't b/c whenever I wear heels its makes me nervous and I get too self-conscience.

How do you do it?

Nee said...

Hey Niv..I just found your blog and..I LOVE IT! I love your confidence and your an inspiration not only to fashion lovers but to women & girls who are plus size..I admire that..and I'm listing you under my trendsetters section on my blog..check me out!


Anonymous said...

Heh heh hehe, POKER!Hope 2 see the new scarf soon.

Frock Around the Clock said...

Your mum took some great shots! Mine is hopeless. I love the black and white effect too. The t shirt is great and I love your hair like that! :) x

sharnae' said...

Hey Niv, thanks for the great tips.
I really appreciate it!
I'm 5 feet tall & I always want to wear heels to make me look taller too lol.
How tall are you?
I have "leaning feet" (well that's what my mom calls it) + I'm flat footed so when I wear heels they kill me, but I like them. Smh so
I wear a lot of high wedged and chunky heel shoes because I feel safe. LOL. I wish I would wear a shoes with a skinny heel.

6 inches? Girl work it! I can only dream of making it to 3!

About the German Shepard, my dad loves them. They are awesome dogs though, great protectors, and hella smart. Small dogs aren't the way to go because they hide way too good. Idk how many times I gave up trying to find Jenny after she committed a crime, lol.

Natalie said...

love love love this tee!

SCISI said...

cool pics loving the tee:)