I wore this shirt almost every day last Summer. It's super comfortable and one of those things you can kind of just slip on and wear without thinking twice. This Summer I want-
  • high waisted denim shorts
  • a cream colored dress with a big flowy skirt
  • metallics
  • denim vests and jackets
  • red wedges
  • a variety of cropped tops
  • and anything adorned with fur, feathers, or leather
What's on your Summer wishlist?
shout out to The Stylish Wanderer <3
I'm wearing a flowery vintage top, Old Navy shorts, F21 linen scarf (I love this thing to death!) Wet Seal bag, and second-hand wedges


M. and O. said...


News on Daily-Women, you known the new blog of two French fashionistas, Olivia & Mariam? ;) Come on. xx

The Stylish Wanderer said...

tehe! lovely summer wishlist.

i love this scenery. and your shoes.


kayleigh said...

i like your bag

Maverick Malone said...

I want to try and wear dresses all summer!

She's Dressing Up said...

Love the clutch!
Im trying not to think about wishlists right now, trying to save money - too hard!! said...

I want lots and lots and lots of floral frocks, rompers, boots, ankle boots, chic flats, and lots of denim high waisted denim shorts!!!!!

you are too beautiful. i love your shoes with this look!

love always
hope to hear from you
amy !