life in technicolor

This lipstick is a shout out to Frock Around The Clock. Yes, I actually did it! I'm wearing teal lipstick! While taking pictures today this little girl across the street seemed quite fascinated by it and kept biking really close to us and gave me some rather amusing looks while she was at it. Thought that was funny.
I seem to recall saying something about a jacket I never wear from F21 a while back; well, this is it. I got it when I was like 9 or 10. I saw it in the store and fell in love with it so completely I had my sister buy it and I payed her back over the course of a year. Well, I almost never wear it now but It would kill me to get rid of it so it just sits in my closet, looking pretty. Not today though! Today it sits on my shoulders looking pretty.
embriodered jacket- F21, shirt, shoes- Target, skirt- second-hand, chain headband- DIY'd


Ellie said...

WOW, that jacket is intense (as is the lipstick!). That's so cool that you've had it since you were so young. Man oh man, I can't get over it. You should definately break it out of your closet mor often.

Anonymous said...

That lipostick is incredible. The jacket is pretty cool too. I can imagiane going to some random gansta den in it in shades and demanding large amounts money!

Delmy said...

I like that you are a risk taker.
You wore that blue lipstick!

syd vicious said...

I used to have blue lipstick too! I love it and your outfit, so colorful. The jacket is my fave part!

Mary said...

woah, crazy but I like it. lol at the girl on the bike

Frock Around the Clock said...

Sorry I haven't been at the computer at all this week! I am going to catch up now!! Thank you for the shout out - it excited me greatly!! That lipstick looks AMAZING! It really suits you! I deffo have to find a way to wear mine out now! I'm getting a new camera next week.. I decided on a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-H50 and hopefully that will be better than the piece of junk I've got now and will capture all of the glitter! Massive comment because I am just in love with you and your lipstick. :) x