Here comes the sun

It's definately been warming up here. I just realised I should probably work on my tan before spring break because I'm going to the beach and wearing my swimsuit for the first time this year and that wouldn't be very attractive... So I will make use of the sunshine and go lay out for a couple afternoons. It's still way too early for swimming but there are always lawn chairs to enjoy! Oh the things we go through to look good! If anyone wondered about my camera I use a 7.2 mega pixel Sony Cyber-shot that looks like this.
t-shirt- craft store, jeans- JCPenny's, python heels- Isaac Mizrahi, sequined belt- second-hand, chain necklace- DIY'd


Frock Around the Clock said...

I love all of the accessories here! And thank you for the camera detail (thats such a lovely pic of you and your camera) and website! I was supposed to be going to the gym but now I'm distracted by looking at furs and such! I am also very interested to see how the teal lipstick looks.. there was an electric blue one too which I really wanted but my teeth just aren't white enough so when I get round to sorting them out I'll buy it. :) x

syd vicious said...

I'm lovin' how you accessorize. Your necklace is so cute!

Ellie said...

That necklace is very cool. I love that you are wearing that necklace in front of a fence. And obviously I'm going to love your belt.

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

this outfit is so cute. i love the jeans. and woo hoo for us sacramento peeps! i didn't think anyone blogged by me either! :) thanks for commenting. :)