Garden State

Drama, drama, drama! So I have to change my hair again :( I guess my current color looks orange (wtf!) and my job is going to fire me if I don't change it soon. So I'm waiting until Spring Break is over and then I will have to pick something new. Still can't decide what shade though. I don't really like having naturally colored hair for some reason and I am still so in love with red!!
shirt- Target, watercolored skirt- Anthropologie, linen scarf- F21, wedges- second-hand


Maverick said...

It does look orange, but it doesn't look bad, I rather like it. :)

And I loooove Anthropologie!!

xx. mavi

Ellie said...

Since when is orange not natural? My mom's hair looks orange and she's never dyed her hair in her life. That's quite unfortunate that you have to surrender to the man. Mind you, that's why my hair has always stayed some variation of blonde. Will they accept a more natural red?

Laroux said...

I take a break from the internet from a week and your hair colour's changed again! But I like it though, so much more exciting than all the regulation blond and brunette's out there


MR style said...

love your hair

syd vicious said...

Aww that sucks! That's so dumb you have to change it for work but that's life I guess. So what new color are you thinking of?

Frock Around the Clock said...

In my high school you weren't allowed to dye your hair at all and once this girl who had beautiful ginger hair decided to dye it brown - just a completely natural looking colour and they suspended her for ages and then let her come back in on the condition that she wasn't allowed to dye it again so she just had massive red roots! Such meanies! Red hair does really suit you.. maybe next time you could try a slightly different shade? I'm not the best person to comment because I've never dyed my hair.. I like to play it safe/boring haha.. Where abouts do you work? :) x