I bought two pairs of trousers today. One of them I might have to do some tailoring on -but then again I might not, it just depends on how I want to wear them. They will rock though however I decide to wear them! Yes, they're just that awesome! Thanks for all your support with my hair color! If I haven't returned you comments lately I am still going to, you just have to wait one more day! (this computer kind of sucks with HTML and the other one is getting fixed)
skull shirt- UO, orange sweater- second-hand, pants- Dickies, linen scarf- F21, platforms- Steve Madden


Mary said...

yay color! I like your platforms too

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

The orange is magnifiecent!

clairegrenade said...

you WORK IT girl!!

those shoes are delicious

Frock Around the Clock said...

Trousers dislike me completely - I haven't bought any in maybe two years? So I am pretty jealous of your double whammy purchase! Those shoes are so amazing! :) x