Purple rain

I am having a hard time with my job. I just got it in September but they cut back my hours and now they want me to dye my hair a more natural color because the current color "might offend customers." I would love to quit because I don't think it's fair but I have a lot to consider. I just had to wear my lovely cat ears. The shirt is new.
Shirt- Ross
Jeans- Ross
Shoes- second-hand
Cat ears- Spirit

As requested here is my wish list. Big I know but it is more a wish list of looks I want to go for rather than specific items I want to buy. Plus I am about half way through the list with only the smaller items left.

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astruc said...

I like everything on your wish list. My one-item wish list is a pair of black patent leather Christian Louboutin peep toe stilettos. I saw a pair at Barney's the other day that were so pretty I almost asked them out on a date.