Black Nights

What time is the right time to wear black lipstick? I bought it and love it but I never seem to find the perfect time to wear it. Black lipstick was a big trend on the fall runways and is increasingly being worn on the streets. It is however a hard look to pull off especially in a suburban city like mine. Wearing shiny leggings is bad enough, I am a little scared of what reactions would be to my black lipstick. As proven on the Giles, Yves Saint Laurent, and Luella runways- black lipstick isn't always emo.

Dress- thrifted
Jacket- Target
Scarf- second-hand
Jeans- Ross
Shoes- Converse
Lipstick- Hot Topic

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astruc said...

I've been wearing black lip gloss over very red lips. It's dramatic but not as in-your-face as straight up black lipstick. Myabe try layering a dark red in there somewhere to make it less stark? I also sometimes use the same black lip gloss over gold eyeliner (for my eyes).