saturdays that turn into sundays and then become mondays which lead to tuesdays

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A few moments and meals captured from the long weekend of staying in and going out.
One of my sisters was in town for a few days so naturally we took her to our favorite brunch spot, Republique which of course was incredible. We had drinks and pastries and breakfast and loved it all. highly recommended if you're in L.A. Tried on a bunch of shoes at the Nordstrom sale and of course everything I liked didn't come in my size *tears* Stayed up late wandering around by the ocean and avoiding homework with Jason and some rose flavored gelato. Woke up late and enjoyed the morning light in our freshly re-painted bedroom with some raw vegan donuts from Moon Juice. Jason showed me around his new school where he is improving his programming skills. Made a wreath out of some leftover flowers from a design project I did for Nanette Lepore last fall.

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