eating my way through summer

IMG_6533 Epicurious is my go-to source for recipes, and I particularly love the app. You can search based on the meal, dietary concerns, or the ingredient you want to use and it gives you tons of results for each one. Of course my Mom is the ultimate go-to for baked goods and desserts but for meal planning I love Epicurious. IMG_6108 IMG_6109 I threw a "bring your own topping" pizza party at the apartment over the long 4th of July weekend. Jason and I made fresh dough and bought sauce and a few cheeses, but everyone brought something to go on top. We made 4 delicious kinds of pizza that everyone loved! IMG_6205 On 4th of July, Jason and I went for an intensely fun and very long bike ride from Palos Verdes, to Venice Beach and back. We stopped halfway for snacks and fresh coconut water on Dockweiler beach. IMG_6573 I always have my favorite cold zucchini soup on my birthday. My mom learned how to make it in a cooking class years ago and it has been my favorite soup every since. Now Jason makes it for my birthday and 10+ years later, I still love it! IMG_6014 I've been running errands like crazy for my internship this summer, but I always look forward to when they take me to the Cooper Design Space in DTLA, not only for the amazing interior design, but because there's a Pressed Juicery on the lobby. They can be hit or miss for me but lately I've been really enjoying the Citrus 1. IMG_6515 Jason and I celebrate our birthdays four days from each-other so that week we always have the best food on hand! Jason made some incredible steak with a gin and tonic. That has been our favorite summer cocktail ever since our honeymoon in Palm Springs. We had gave Perrier sparkling water to our guests in their hotel welcome bags, and we had a lot leftover to bring on our honeymoon, IMG_6572 If you haven't tried Talenti yet, you have to, now. That's all I'm saying. IMG_6035 I've been doing a ton of homemade popiscles this summer - I usually just take a few leftover ingredients, pair them together, and hope it works! This time I had the end of a bag of frozen raspberries leftover from making smoothies, and some ricotta cheese. But wow these popsicles were incredible!

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