the arcata surprise

IMG_4223 IMG_4220 arcata surprise
I have this thing for surprises. My younger sister, Jeanine, was graduating from College at the very top of California, and the day before, I called my mom from Los Angeles and told her I was coming. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks but I was in the midst of finals at school and the end-of-year fashion show was happening, and I just couldn't commit. The week of her graduation I was thinking, "Ok, her graduation is on Saturday, my internship doesn't start til Monday... I guess we can drive up halfway on Friday, be there in time for the ceremony on Saturday, drive halfway down that night, and get home by Sunday night, right??" I WAS CRAZY!!! What an insane drive. We didn't even decide to go until Friday morning. We rented a car for the trip which started having engine problems by the time we hit Redding on the way back, so we got a tow to the Sacramento airport where we rented another car and finished the drive. What a good memory though and she loved the surprise. #worthit
By the way, I wore a Free People blouse, my trusty favorite Asos skirt, scarf from Peru, and Rebecca Minkoff bag.
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