[a long drive could end in burning flames or paradise] - Griffith Park

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One of my big goals this summer has been to get outside as often as I can and experience this city in as many ways as possible. So far, Jason and I have been doing that mainly through hiking. We've done three hikes in the last two weeks ranging from a short backroad trail in Palos Verdes, to a rigorous treck up Echo Mountain in Altadena, and last night was a scenic walk through Griffith Park. The moment our work day was over, we laced up our boots and drove straight to the park, just in time for an incredible sunset. One of my new favorite L.A. memories for sure.
I wore a new pair of Merrell hiking boots with REI socks, Free People skirt, one of Jason's Urban Outfitter's t-shirts, and my favorite Forever 21 scarf.
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