[winter sunshine]

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dress, shoes, headband, and bag from Urban Outfitters // vintage jewelry

Lately life has been about:
  •  designing and sewing a new collection (Winter 2014 showing next month!). 
  • hopping around between SAC, SF, LA, & a trip with the family to Tahoe last month. 
  • When I'm not out-of-town: hopping between my work-space and back almost every single day, sometimes twice, and the occasional trip downtown for some event or another.
  • tricking myself into thinking that sleep is for the weak and coffee is for hardworking weirdos like me.
  • freezing my toes, nose, and fingers on my beautiful SYM scooter, Bridgette. (worth it? sometimes I wonder but the answer is almost always YES).
  • uniform dressing. Above is a sunshine-y variation of my daily look. Mostly it involves a lot of black, thick tights, clunky shoes, and a basic arrangement of accessories… some of which I probably made.
  • avoiding thinking about the fact that another semester starts tomorrow. (I am not kidding about that, it literally starts tomorrow).
  • learning to ride my unicycle (it has been on my wish-lists for years and I finally got one this christmas!)
  • fittings and preparation for my upcoming RAW Artists fashion show (buy your tickets here!)
  • draping an enormous dress for the enormous new window in front of the school fashion department's enormous new classroom.
  • and, as my friend Peter says it, I am eating, sleeping, thinking, and breathing my work. (designing, that is).
The interesting parts of my life have been photographed of course; look out for a post about them coming soon in Jan. 2014

xx - Niv