[DIY] gold legs and chanel tee

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Took a couple snaps on my computer's photobooth of today's outfit and my latest DIY. I have been designing my next collection recently and am thus inspired to make stuff again. This afternoon I felt like reinventing one of the two pairs of jeans I own - I don't know why I keep them, I never wear them. Maybe now I will though, after making this pair a little more luxe. I had a mostly full can of gold spraypaint lying around from this project I did for a class, and decided to finish it off on this pair. I cut about 6 inches off the hem, frayed the ends a bit, and started painting from hem to top in a slightly ombre effect.
 photo Photoon2012-10-14at1517_zps839dd0ef.jpg  photo Photoon2012-10-14at1521_zpsc8e59584.jpg
I did the Chanel tee years ago but still love it and wear it all the time. I think I will be re-drawing some of it though as it's faded through washing.
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DIY Arizona jeans // DIY Hanes tee // second-hand belt // Steve Madden heels // necklace from Loehmann's, where I work.