[photo diary: moss landing] part II

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How cool are these random, enormous motorcycles? We found them along the highway on the way to Phil's for a seafood dinner. I don't really know what their purpose is but they look cool and artsy so I had to stop.
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I my new skirt from H&M! It looks very 1960s glamour meets Waikiki beach tourist. Worn with American Apparel neon orange nail polish.
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H&M tee, cardigan, skirt, & flower // Aldo heels // vintage jewelry // Twisted clutch
I'm definitely not one who wears one brand or designer on a whole look but come on; these pieces were meant to be worn together!
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Audrey W. said...

I've seen that skirt so many times and the possibility for a cute beachy vintage look never came to me. You made it look so fun! I love it like that!