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American Apparel dress and bike shorts // Adidas neon bra // ASOS trench coat // Urban Outfitters heels and shades // Target bag & headscarf // gifted Forever 21 necklace 
This has probably been the craziest few weeks of my entire life. I showed a collection of garments and accessories (all made entirely by yours truly)on the runway at my school's fashion show last weekend. I will have many more posts to come about that - I can't wait to show you all what I have been working on for the past year! Besides that, my Mother got remarried in a gorgeous ceremony and finals week is currently upon us, not to mention all the little things happening in between. I took these with the boy, JRay in Old Town Sacramento after the weekend was over. It is nice to have a little time between classes when I am not madly sewing away to finally just relax and hang out around town. Many more posts to come after finals are over (wednesday!!!)
Thanks for reading! xx -Niv

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