[citrus twist]

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I don't get magazines delivered to my house anymore so once in a while I will check up on the ones I love online. I saw this editorial while browsing the Elle website and I'm just completely in love! There is always kind of a battle inside me about how I want to dress. At times I want to go all out and wear colorful furs, giant platform shoes, and printed dresses every single day. But then I get in moods where I long for simplicity, elegance, and ease. As a result I think my style is generally muddled right in the middle which has never quite satisfied me. This editorial is really striking to me right now. I don't think I could handle wearing an all black/white/nude wardrobe but I like the idea of making a subtle statement; standing out without being too flashy.


Sabrina said...

love pics!!!!beautiful post!!!

Mars Saxman said...

yay for big and bold, furs and explosions!

but there is room in life for variety.

Jelisaveta Djukanovic said...

Great photos!

She's Dressing Up said...

Love this editorial; looks like perfect Spring dressing! <3