light of the morning

F21 romper, UO backpack, American Eagle for Payless shoes, AA tank top, self-made fur collar
Finally- some pictures! I took these on our camping trip a little while ago. It was a really pleasant weekend, full of sunburns, day hikes, playing games, eating snacks, and spinning fire. I'm really excited to have finally lit my fire poi up again because it's been almost a year which is way too long for something as fun as that!
Lately I've been spending my time drawing - especially in geometric coloring books; reading, specifically "Emma" by Jane Austen - I'm trying to read all of her books and this is the last one except for "Northanger Abbey" which my library doesn't carry; baking a practice dessert for a chocolate competition I enter every summer; paddling - my first race ever was this last Saturday and I took home a 2nd and two 3rd place awards! I just watched "An Education" which I've been dying to see and it was really good; it had a very different story too, which I always like. I went to a Luau where I danced all night to a random mix of funky 70's music and Reggae and was officially nicknamed 'Feathers'... oh and I think summer might finally be here to stay this time!
What have you all been up to? Enjoying the sunshine?!


Dylana Suarez said...

You look great and your trip sounded like so much fun. Love your headband!

Janice said...

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