Urban Outfitters bag, vintage skirt, Target dress worn as top, BCBG heels, F21 earrings
I'm leaving tomorrow for another trip to the mountains. We are going backpacking for a few days to see some waterfalls which will probably be tremendously full from all the late snow this season. I can't wait!
This bag was a graduation present from my sister. It is so perfect! I've been wanting a functional but pretty backpack to wear while biking and this fits exactly. I got to pick it out and at first I wanted it simply because it's a cute backpack that would be great for biking... only later did I realize you can clip the straps on and off to look like a messenger style bag; and they even gave me a second, smaller, strap to play around with as well! I can't describe all the amazing things about this! I've been looking for a good, sturdy replacement for this bag anyway, cause I've had that one for years and it's finally starting to get old. My biggest stipulation when it comes to giant bags is that it not just be another 'hobo bag' -it has to have compartments. Little pockets for everything, that's what I like!


Frock Around the Clock said...

Hope you are having/have had a wonderful time in the mountains! Sorry I haven't commented in ages - I've been working seven days a week at the moment which is ridiculous. Love your versatile bag! It looks so good as a backpack too! Genius :) x

syd vicious said...

that's a great bag!