bungalow by the sea

vintage blazer and jewelry, GAP skirt, my sister's heels, RVCA bag
Taking a break from packing for a short trip to SoCal, which I'll be on the train for in about 5 hours, to bring you a new post. It's my cousin's birthday (for the record: he's not a kid; people keep asking me that) and I'm kind of excited cause I haven't seen him in since last fall . I'm horrible at packing and always pack something different for every possible situation so I have about 6 outfits for a two day trip... crazy. I'm not bringing heels or a camera though so I'm proud of myself for paring down on two things I'm almost never without!
I've had these photos saved for almost a month without posting them. I fell madly in love with them and when that happens I always want to wait for some non-existent 'perfect moment' to post them. Anyway, I hope you link them as much as I do- we had fun taking them! Except for the mosquitos, those were annoying.

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Goodle. said...

Oh love the photos! They have that romantic feel to it :) Also lovin your cute skirt! Hava great trip!

Goodle x