Easy Rider

F21 romper, Target tights, vintage scarf, boots from my sister, UO headband, second-hand bag
I'm sorry for taking so long to post. I have no huge reason except the usual "I'm busy" answer which is totally lame. Although, you may be happy to learn that while I've not posted in forever, I've still been taking pictures and they are turning out quite lovely!
I took these with my friend a couple days ago on our way to REI to pick up that bike basket I was telling you about and a new waterbottle. It always feels slightly awkward going into stores like that where you look completely out of place. People give you a confused look...
I love this song. And the music vodeo is just magical!


Anonymous said...

Nice headband!:)

Maha M said...

i love the romper, i got so many for the summer, they're thebest thing to wear.

and that headband is gorgeous!!

Meho xx