GAP floral skirt, F21 romper worn as blouse, AA tank, vintage heels and jewelry, Isaac Mizrahi shades
I spent the last three days of bipolar weather picnicking in the sun, modeling as my friend drew a portrait of me for her art class, eating at In'N'Out (when you've grown up with home-cooked food all your life fast-food is like a rare delicacy you only have twice a year), glow in the dark mini golfing, feeling like a kid all over again while playing arcade games and winning a big plastic ring, hanging out at the zoo with one of my best friends watching orang-utans look homeless and flamingos attempt ballet, stopping for dinner and getting the most delicious Santa Fe Salad ever, heading downtown for the huge monthly art show (one of the few cultural events this city can be proud of), grabbing an abnormally gross soy latte, mixing it with a predictably sweet raspberry mocha, and getting a surprisingly good combination; collapsing into bed after a late night, hating daylight savings because I get an hour less to sleep, loving daylight savings because I get an hour more of sunshine, breaking in a new pair of BCBG heels, working a dull shift at my lame job, and finally painting my nails a beautiful shade of charcoal I've been searching for since the fall.
What did you do this weekend?

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Mekinking said...

wow, green grass, blue sky! love the skirt, the print's colour is great